Family Half Day

/Family Half Day


Adults $45 Children (3-11)  $35 Start 9 am to 12 pm Tour lasts 3 hours

There are several types of sightseeing tours in Washington DC, some of the tourist want to explore certain places on their own, but the majority tourists want to have expert tour guides to assist and guide them, so they would get more important information than if they had done the tour by themselves, especially if it is a historical tour we are talking about. Taking professionally guided tours is highly recommended, particularly if you want your children to learn in an enjoyable and extraordinary way since our tour guides are experts in this field.

Our polite and friendly tour guides can also answer all of your children’s questions with regard to the places you visit, things you might not know about. These are just some of the benefits of our guided tours.

We also offer whole day tours where you and your family can visit lots of major attractions, but if your time is limited then our “Family half day” tour package is highly recommended for you and your family. The spots that you can visit might be limited, but you will most definitely get the best out of your tour. This tour package lets your family enjoy beautiful historical attractions together, even if it’s just half a day, and at the end of the tour, you will surely feel that this half of your day was absolutely worth it.

Family Half-Day sightseeing tours in Washington DC!

1.) U.S. Capital – If you are interested in politics or just curious about it, visiting this place is a must. You get to see senates in session, courthouses, historical statues, theatre where you can learn more about the place, well-designed buildings, architectural achievements and a lot more. It is indeed a fun and knowledgeable experience for people of all ages.

2.) White House – This is the place where all the presidents of the U.S.A lived and worked, just as the current president does. You would see different offices, study rooms, conference rooms, and many more. You will surely learn interesting facts from our  expert tour guides.

3.) World War II Memorial – When you visit this place on your memorial tours of Washington DC, remember that it serves as a resting place for more than 400,000 US soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II. These soldiers sacrificed their lives and greatly marked our history, and this is the perfect place to pay them tribute.

4.) Thomas Jefferson Memorial – This is perhaps one of the most well-designed buildings in Washington DC where you can see the huge memorial of the former president Thomas Jefferson at the heart of the building, when you are take part in our Washington DC Memorial tours. Thomas Jefferson played a big part in the country’s fight for independence, and knowing more about his heritage is truly interesting.

5.) Franklin Roosevelt Memorial – “The only thing that we have to fear, is fear itself”. This is just one of the famous sayings of Franklin D. Roosevelt (former president of the U.S.A), and you will surely learn more about this emblematic statement by visiting this place.

6.) Lincoln Memorial – Know more about the history, more interesting facts, and see more exclusive photos of Abraham Lincoln by visiting this memorial building.

7.) Korean memorial – You can see larger-then-life sized stainless steel statues, and architectural and engineering achievements create in the honor of the Korean War veterans. You will learn a lot about them, by visiting this historically significant place.

8.) Vietnam walls – This wall is a tribute to the Vietnamese soldiers who died in the war. It is a way of honoring them and their loyal service.

These are the major attractions that are included in our three-hour sightseeing tours in Washington DC family half-day tour. You get to maximize it and learn more significant information from it, with the help of our very knowledgeable tour guides.