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Adults $50 Children (3-11)  $40 Start 9 am to 1 pm Tour lasts 4 hours

Historical Tours: Arlington Cemetery Tours

The majority of people take history for granted because they think that it’s boring and there are no interesting facts about it, but what they do not know is that some of the base values of today’s society have been set exactly back in those times…in “history”. Valuing history and the people who made it, is important, and it can only be achieved today by learning more about them and what are the things with which each historical figure has contributed to.

If you are a fan of the late president Abraham Lincoln, or if you just want to know more about him and particularly see his final resting place (the Lincoln Memorial), then the Arlington Cemetery Tour provided by our company is definitely the perfect tour for you and your family. You will most surely get significant information about this important historical figure while spending precious time with your family, and you can also let your children know him early and also the great things that he has done for the country.

The great thing about this tour is that it makes learning about our history more exciting and fun, the expert tour guides relay the information with regard to the places that you visit in a fascinating way, so you and your children will it.

Sometimes your children’s interest in history can be triggered by this tour, and the tour guides in Family Friendly tours are absolutely ready and glad to answer all of your questions.

Rediscover the Past: Arlington Cemetery Tour

1.) Ford’s Theatre Peterson House – This is the historic house where Abraham Lincoln died in 1865. By entering the house, you would be able to see the rooms where the late president spent the last of his hours. You do not need to purchase a ticket because it is already included in the tour package so all you have to do is enjoy your trip.

2.) Pentagon Memorial – This place is exactly where the September 11 bombing happened, on the day that marked our recent history. It is a very solemn memorial park that lets people pay tribute to the people who died in unfortunate incident simply referred to as 9-1-1.

3.) Air Force Memorial – This is the place where heroic air force men are laid to rest, a well-designed memorial park where you can learn more about their heritage as you visit and honor their memory.

4.) Iwo Jima Memorial – Iwo Jima is an island that was conquered by the US military forces during World War II. As you visit it, you will see the memorial monument where several soldiers raised a flag as a sign that they have conquered the island. This is indeed a great history and a must visit location.

5.) Arlington Cemetery – JFK Grave site- Changing of the guards.

Those are the historical attractions that are included in the Arlington Cemetery tour. It is basically more on the history of President Abraham Lincoln and all the people that greatly contributed to the country’s history, some of them even played a major role in how our society has come to be comprise of free people today, and it is just right to pay them tribute and respect. Family Friendly Tours gets you in these places and makes your visit a fun and exciting, memorable trip.